Welcome to Centric’s custom print kiosk. Here you can create custom sized prints, with a large variety of print substrates and mounting options. Create an account to save your history, or continue as our guest.

Select from one of our popular builds and you will see all the options Centric recommends for that service. Need to change the size, or other options? These builds can be edited once selected.. You can also go through the Kiosk step by step to see all your options.

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Popular builds

1. Image Size

Pick from our popular sizes below, or enter the width and height of your image.

Popular Sizes

2. Print Substrate

Centric can print your image on many different surfaces. Select one from the options below. Hover over the substrate names to see their descriptions. We are happy to make suggestions and show you samples of each.

3. Canvas and Ink Wrap Options

  • Inked Canvas Wrap: When you select this option, we ink the area of the canvas that displays beyond your actual image. We do not crop your image; we add to your image with either a reflection wrap or solid color wrap. See Learn more on the canvas print section of our website.
  • Stretcher Bars: Select this option if you want your canvas print attached to stretcher bars.
  • Select the depth of stretcher bars best suited for your project. We are happy to make suggestions of the proper depth of stretcher bar for your custom image.

4. Border Options and Final Paper Size

  • Image Size Without Borders: This information defaults from your original input.
  • Print Substrate Borders: Use the scroll bar or type, in inches, the size of the border you want on each side of the printed image. Fine art prints are a good example of prints that often have borders.
  • Mounting Substrate Border: Use the scroll bar or type, in inches, the size of the mounting substrate border you want. This option is often used when matting and framing. It is also used on metal reveal prints; an example is the image labeled "A touch of royalty" shown on the top of our website.

Image Size Without Borders

Print Substrate Border Options

Mounting Substrate Border

5. Proofing and Additional Services

Proofing: We highly recommend selecting one of our proofing services to ensure you are completely satisfied with the color, density, and contrast of your finished piece. Hover over the additional services options for details or give us a call.


  • 5" x 17" portion of the image printed at print ordered size, on substrate ordered.

Additional Services

  • Provides UV, and scratch protection.
  • 5.0 mil luster finish polycarbonate film offers protection from abrasion, moisture and other environmental exposures.
  • high gloss lamination
  • Wire hanger available for framed, canvas, foam core, Gator board prints.
  • Good choice for small framed pieces; keeps prints from leaning out from the wall.
  • Black metal frame support. Excellent for larger prints. 1" and 1/2" stand off height available
  • The Aluminium kickstand and hanger is great for small prints. See an example on our site, PRINT HANGING SYSTEMS

Current Estimate

Click the "place order" button to upload files and add custom notes and contact info. Once your order has been received and reviewed we will reach out to you for payment options. Click on “Email this estimate” to have a copy of your build sent to you.

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